Brau Union Österreich

Grown together through the unification of some of Austria’s oldest breweries, we are part of the international HEINEKEN family today. As an innovative and highly technological company, we represent sustainable beer drinking pleasure of highest possible quality.


2.700 employees and staff

15 beer brands  &
4 cider brands

Over 100 beer types 

11 breweries

Output 5 mio. HL of beer / year

Brewery Göss: First “green” brewery worldwide


Our passion for our product drives our staff to do their possible best, day by day, every day. This is what makes us successful.

We see it as a matter of course that we have to do whatever it takes to guarantee our staff’s wellbeing and safety, just as it goes without saying that we’ve committed ourselves to sustainability on every single level. Future-proof jobs, fairness and respect for our employees and business partners just as well as gentle use of our planets natural resources are our highest and most important concerns.

Being a part of our familial company also means being a part of the innovative and international HEINEKEN family. This is why openness, team spirit and development are part of our everyday work. As employer, we’re advocating equal chances and we value and facilitate all of our employees without looking at their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or impairments. Also, we’re constantly extending the proportion of women in leading positions or expertise functions.