It was under the name of Österreichische Brau AG that the breweries Kaltenhausen, Wieselburg, Poschacher- und Aktienbrauerei Linz and the so-called Salzkammergut Gmunden beweries united with the Braubank AG under one banner back in 1925. In the coming years, more brewing companies like Zipf in 1970 and Schwechat in 1978 joined the unified group, steadily turning Brau AG into an Austrian beer empire. A development that led to the formation of a collective named „Brau-Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft“ (BBAG) in 1988. All those developments ended up in the foundation of Brau Union AG in 1993, seeking to unite all the group’s domnestic and foreign interests under the banner of one publicly listed corporation.


1998 was the year to see the merger between Brau AG and Steirerbrau to finally form what is Brau Union Österreich AG today. Five years later, in 2003, Brau Union Österreich acquired 33% of the shares of Brauerei Schladming, that amount was raised to 90% just two years later. Since 2003, Brau Union Österreich has been part of its parent company HEINEKEN based in Amsterdam and works as a showcase example on how strongly Austrian companies are capable of positioning themselves in multi-national corporations. You can look up the detailed history of Brau Union Österreich AG here – Starting from the first brewery, to the foundation of Österreichische Braubank AG and the development into an international operation of the HEINEKEN family.