All of our brands are carriers of the Austrian beer culture. They’re looking back on a proud history and have their eyes pinned on the future at the same time.

All operations are all-out committed to the quality principles of Brau Union Österreich. You can study them here:

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We take great pride in the variety of our beer brands and products. Over the past years, we were able to expand this range constantly, all for our Austrian beer culture
The EU Food Information Regulation has been in effect since December 13, 2014 and regulates the binding descriptions on the labelling of foods. This information duty also applies to foods that are distributed via distance sales. As a food producing enterprise, we are required to supply information about our products to our clients and consumers. Applying to all products of Brau Union Österreich AG:

All in-house products and beer merchandise of Brau Union Österreich AG (Beers, beer mix drinks like Radlers, Shandys, non-alcoholic beers or non-alcoholic beer mix drinks) comprise gluten-containing wheats (barley malt, wheat malt, rye malt and produce based on the latter). Those ingredients can potentially trigger allergies or incompatibilities. Cider contains sulfites. Those can also trigger allergies. Bockbierbrand does not underlie the information duty about allergenes.

Detailed information can be found on every product’s respective label.

Gastronomy operations offering our products can receive more information on our client portal.

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