Brau Union Österreich distributes more than 5 million hectolitres of beer in just one year with the support of our 15 leading beer brands, over 100 beer types and constant innovation. 

The company stands for both international premium brands such as Heineken, Desperados, Sol or ciders like Strongbow and Stibitzer, Austrian top brands like Gösser, Schwechater, Edelweiss wheat beer, non-alcoholic Schlossgold, just as well as brands with a strong regional relevance, such as the likes of Zipfer, Puntigamer, Wieselburger, Kaiser, Schladminger, Reininghaus, Villacher and Fohrenburger . A total of 2.700 employees all over Austria make sure that almost 49.000 clients and millions of beer lovers in the country are supplied with beer. 

It goes without saying that Brau Union Austria exclusively uses the best raw materials, and dedicates itself to highest quality and sustainable production – in both the environmental protection as well as societal matters alike. For this commitment, Brau Union Österreich was awarded the prestigious title of a „GREEN BRAND“. Since 2003, Brau Union Österreich has been part of the HEINEKEN family. 

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Credits: Brau Union Österreich – Department  Communications /PR & CSR under supervision of Mag. Dr. Gabriela Maria Straka, EMBA. Production: Kevin Rieseneder |

Crafting real unity through the joy of brewing – our mission ignites a brighter world!

VISION and Values

We’re out to shape the future of beer and more, capturing consumer hearts with every pour!


We’ve come a long and above all fascinating way from the unraveling of the art of brewing in the medieval age, towards a modern, contemporary brewing operation that follows 21st century standards. Join us on a journey through time, which over the course of hundreds of years wrote chapters of moving stories and brought a multitude of innovations on the way.


We take great pride in our particularly densely stricken network of locations and operations, who’ve decided to become Austria’s beer culture flagship under the umbrella of Brau Union Österreich. Get an overview of our breweries and sales storage locations here.