„Brew a better world“

We as Brau Union Österreich have defined a clear sustainability goal: Creating the best beer culture for the future and shaping the Austrian beer culture after social and ecological challenges, for the sake of us all.

We’re putting that goal in to practice, according to HEINEKEN’s strategy „Brew a better world“. This strategy incorporates all of our business units, beginning from the natural resources on the fields, to our production locations all the way to our clients and consumers. Our sustainable development strategy is based on six focal points with their respective ambitious goals:

1. Energy and reduction of CO2
2. Protection of our natural water resources
3. Sustainable procurement
4. Responsible consumption
5. Partnerships for the future
6. Health & safety at work

Our strategy „Brew a better world“ is also oriented towards the so-called „2030 Agenda for sustainable development“, which was drafted by the United Nations in September 2015. We’ve made it our mission to fulfill the 17 global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their 169 underlying subgoals.

The graphic above shows what our six focal points can contribute to the global development goals. For instance, responsible consumption supports goal no. 3 of the agenda („Healthy living and well-being of humans of every age“) just as well as our focal point of health and safety at work. Our focal point of sustainable procurement supports goal no. 8 („Good workplaces and economic growth“) and goal no. 12 („Ensurement of sustainable means of consumption and production“).



First major brewery in the world to produce beer exclusively with renewable energy.

At the Göss brewery in Leoben, renewable energy sources have already been used for the brewing process since 2016. A brewery’s own brewer’s grain fermentation plant, which was realized together with a Styrian partner, supplies biogas and heat. Simultaneously, waste heat from the brewing process is reused. Additionally, energy generated from the waste heat of a neighboring wood processing plant is used. A solar thermal system covering an area of around 1,500 m2 generates part of the heat required for the brewing process in the brewhouse. The Göss brewery received the AUSTRIA seal from AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA for its achievements in the use of renewable energy in production and has received several awards. Among others they received the Energy Globe Austria, the EU Sustainable Energy Award incl. the European audience award Citizens Choice Award, and in 2018 the edie Sustainability Leaders Award.

brEWERY schladming

Production with an innovative energy concept

The Schladming brewery – also known for its organic beers – switched to a new energy concept in 2018. One fifth of the energy required is covered by connecting to the Schladming district heating network. A pellet heating system was installed so that particularly energy-intensive steps in the brewing process, such as wort boiling, can also be supplied from renewable sources. Since 2019, Schladminger Bier (Schladming beer) has been brewed entirely with renewable energy.

brewery fohrenburg

First brewery in Vorarlberg to produce with renewable energy

The Fohrenburg brewery produces with 100% renewable energy by being supplied with electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower and Vorarlberg biogas. The use of biogas from Vorarlberg annually eliminates about 1,400 tons of CO2 compared to pure natural gas. Biogas from Vorarlberg is 100% renewable energy from biological household waste and agricultural residues. In this way, Fohrenburg brewery contributes to protecting the climate, using domestic resources, and promoting the expansion of Vorarlberg’s energy autonomy.


Brewing neighborhood heat for around 2,000 people

Brauquartier Puntigam is a modern urban development project next to the Puntigam brewery. “Together instead of next to each other” is Brauquartier’s motto. It offers residents various shopping facilities, a kindergarten, hair salon, gym and much more. Guest apartments and shared spaces are also being offered. Not only the quality of life is a highlight, but also where heating for the Brauquartier comes from.

Together with KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH, Puntigam brewery has developed an environmentally friendly energy concept for this new district: waste heat from the brewing process serves the 800 apartments, offices and commercial spaces of Brauquartier Puntigam, which was realized by C&P Immobilien AG.


Innovative waste heat project for 900 newly built apartments

On the former brewery grounds of Schwechat brewery, 900 residential units were built. Brau Union Österreich and EVN have developed an innovative concept for the sustainable thermal supply of these apartments: Fermentation heat generated in the brewing process here too is turned into sustainable natural heat for customers using a heat pump.

Brewery Villach

Solar energy for Villacher Bier

On an area of around 5,400m², around 3,286 photovoltaic modules were installed on the roofs of the Villacher brewery in cooperation with “WIR Energie” at the beginning of 2019. With the solar energy generated from this, around one third of the annual energy requirement can be met. With an output of 1 MWp (megawatt peak), the VILLACHER brewery is one of the largest solar breweries in the world.


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